Dental Services


Dr. Michael Bowen has been in practice for 37 years, serving Sanford and surrounding communities.  We provide comprehensive dental care for your entire family, including young chidlren. 


Galileos Cone Beam CT -

            This special xray provides a 3D image of structures in the head and neck, including teeth, nerves, and soft tissue.  This machine helps us in diagnosing and evaluating abnormalities in the teeth and jaw, as well as aiding in placing implants and complicated endodontic procedures.

Sirona Cerec and Omnicam -

            Same day porcelain crowns, scans design and milling takes place all in our office.


Laser Dentistry

            Dr. Bowen now uses the Waterlase IP by BIolase to do some fillings and many periodontal procedures, some without anesthesia.  These procedures can be less invasive and minimize post-operative pain.  




            Dr. Bowen has been doing braces for 28 years and is excited to announce  he has introduced FASTBRACES to his practice!   This new orthodontic technique can cut treatment time down to 20 weeks!   Please click on the link below for more information.




Root Canals -

            Dr. Bowen and Dr. Behring perform root canal therapy at the office.  Dr. Bowen has been performing this treatment at his office for 35 years, as well as completing retreatments and surgical apiecoectomy, which are procedures done when initial root canals fail.  We use state-of-the-art techniques and are able to treat a majority of the cases presented to us.  We use the endo sequence rotary system and our Waterlase laser for final disinfection of the canals.  The final step is filling the canals with a bioceramic sealer and gutta percha. Our success rate is very high.

Avadent digital dentures -

            Starting in 2013, we have been using Avadent digital software to fabricate dentures.  All impressions and information is collected in one appointment and sent to Avadent's lab to create complete dentures.

Oral Sedation

            For individuals with extreme anxiety involving dental treatment, our office can prescribe oral sedation to help them be more comfortable.  We recommend a driver to take you to and from your appointment.  

            We also provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for any dental appointment upon request; there is a $40 charge for this service.


Zimmer Implants

            Dr. Bowen has completed 88 hours of classroom and training with Dr. Arun Garg's implant seminars. He went to the Dominican Republic to place and assist with 40 implant procedures. He is now placing them our patients using guided surgery. Dr. Bowen uses the Galileous cone beam and Cerec scanner to pre-plan the optimal position and size of implant with the final crown restoration factored in. Using a surgical guide generated from this, placement of the implant can be more accurate.  

            Please call our office for a consultation. Our goal is to provide state of the art treatment at an affordable price.


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